Coverd Bridges of Pittsburg, NH

Bacon (Fletcher) Road Covered Bridge –  Located off Rte. 3 just south of Pittsburg Village .

45°3′16″N 71°24′25″W

The Bridge spans the Connecticut River connecting the towns of Pittsburg and Clarksville . Built about 1876, it is 88’6’ long and is Paddleford truss style with added arches. Town records state, "In 1876, money was raised to build a bridge at Fletcher's Mill."  In 1878, the Town of Clarksville was approached by Pittsburg officials " see what the town would do about paying the Town of Pittsburg for building two-thirds of the bridge near the Fletcher Mill. Voted ( Clarksville ) not to pay the Town of Pittsburg anything."

On the northwest river bank are the foundation remnants of a gristmill where, in 1825, Ebeneezer Fletcher built a gristmill that later became a sawmill. The mill’s grist wheel and three of the cornerstones are displayed near the historic marker on the town common. The letters “EF” are carved into two of the stones (Ebeneezer’s initials).

River Road Covered Bridge –  Located 7 miles north of Pittsburg Village and 1.5 miles east off U.S. Route 3 on Lake Francis Rd. Built in 1858, its 50 foot span crosses Perry Stream . It is Queenpost construction style.

Happy Corner Covered Bridge –  Located 200 yards east of U.S. Route 3, six miles north of Pittsburg Village on Hill Road over Perry Stream .

It is one of the oldest bridges inHappy Corner Bridge Pittsburg NH Northern NH , built in the mid 1800’s, and spans 60 feet.  It is a Paddleford truss (light) style with added arches. In the late 1890’s, at the Perry Stream crossing there was a sawmill, a starch mill, a store with a post office, a barbershop, the Temperance Hall and nearby was the Danforth School.

Bridge over the Connecticut River above Second Lake?

Anyone know?